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The Talent and Determination of Autistic Creatives

Adobe is committed to bringing up the next generation of creatives and coders. Our educational investments are focused on providing opportunities to underrepresented youth to help keep our community diverse and inclusive. Exceptional Minds is an organization that continues to inspire us, opening our eyes to the power of creativity and showing us that great […]

Sundance 2017: Pillow Talk with Menashe

Cannes Lions 2016: #BloodSweatTears with Droga5 – Pt 1

Part 1 of our #BloodSweatTears interview with Droga 5 about their award-winning #RuleYourself campaign for Under Armour. At Cannes Lions 2016, our team interviewed creative teams from top agencies about their work nominated for prestigious Cannes Lions awards. Creative directors from Droga 5 joined us to talk about their super cool ad that appears to […]

Sundance 2017: Pillow Talk with Menashe

Adobe’s Youth Coding Initiative: CodeNow

CodeNow is a nonprofit focused on diversifying the talent pipeline of students who pursue computer science and technology by teaching underrepresented youth to code. They provide free out-of-school computer programming workshops to expose students to these options and opportunities. Adobe hosts these workshops and our engineers volunteer to lead them. We are proud to support […]

Sundance 2017: Pillow Talk with Menashe